Why, ‘The Bartender Never Gets Killed’?

Bee Flowers asked if the title for the blog was based upon the fact that my self-image was of being pissed on.

The problem with having a taste for pulp movies is no one ever admits to getting the references! Anyway, in Banderas’s ‘Desperado’ there is a scene in a bar with Quentin Tarrantino. When Banderas starts shooting, the bartender reaches for his gun. Banderas gets the drop on him, and the bartender says, ‘The Bartender Never Gets Killed’ just before Banderas shoots him. SO the title for the blog is a reference to the fact that the act of photographing, for me, at its best, and I admit it rarely happens, is about having your assumptions challenged. Hopefully the effect, whilst long-lasting, is not terminal…


Well, Bee now tells me that he DID get the reference, but I’ve forgotten the part where the Bartender gets pissed on. O.K. I need to rewatch it!


And Fred Fichter sent me a link to memorable quotes from the film

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