I’m moving the blog to my website IP – the blog is now here

I’ve managed to import the content. The template is still pretty basic but I’ll sort things out bit by bit.

The reasons for moving are that I had a bit of a scare when I first offered the small print editions, as I was quickly told it would violate my conditions of service here at wordpress and I could loose the blog – even though despite searching the ‘conditions of service’ I couldn’t find anything in it I could be violating

. I really disliked the ‘bigbrother’ feeling I got from that encounter. Also it makes sense to install the blog at my IP as all the images and content are linked to from there. I’m having to pay for the ability to modify the css, whereas the blog software is free.

I had a nightmare time with Movable Type. I didn’t do the install, but this is the most impenetrable piece of software known to humankind. The documentation looks as if it has been written by someone who hasn’t had human contact or been away from the computer for decades. The kicker was that there is as yet no smooth import from WordPress to MT, although it is promised for v4.

WordPress, on the other hand, I installed in 15 mins, and had the whole of the old site imported in a further 10. Documentation is wonderful!

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